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Welcome to the Chi Lifestyle Fitness & Nutrition Self Assessment:

Your comprehensive nutritional and fitness self assessment will be your onramp to improved health. Please use this complex evaluation guide to fulfill your fitness and health improvement goals in an educational journey like never before. Focus on the unique cellular health order protocol and you'll see that your bodies top priorities will be attained. With all these good health and fitness maintenance products you'll see why we feel success on a "Long Term" basis can provide your body the difference to feel great for a lifetime.

Steps to Success !

1. Inspirin &  FrequenSea - Alkaline phyto plankton cellular nourishment

2. Raw whole foods direct from nature, chemical free!

3. Alkaline - H2o, hydration of the body

4. Protein from a natural & chemical free animal source

5. Supplement all the above with Pulse 8 & Chi-Probiotics for digestion


Predicated by the cellular health of the human body, on a priority basis to advise you on our specialized products. We need to understand there are important protocols to observe so that maximization of your health can be achieved and maintained!

The most improved health benefits are obtained when our absorption rate improves and the bodies' engine begins to perform at increased levels.

Nutrition & Health improvement checklist

Cellular Health Order

  • Oxygen- The most important cell need means you need to exercise or spend 5 to 10 minutes on deep breathing every day. (Daily deep breathing & cardio
  • Water- H2O is the main makeup of the cell; over 70% of the body consists of water. This makes hydration the main priority and is the best way to increase the release of wastes and toxins.
  • Elimination- Chi-Probiotics; Before the intake of nutrients the cell values the removal of wastes and toxins as more important. (SuperFood Greens/Fruits & ProBio Boost) So in addition to water the body needs to consume between 25 to 40 grams of dietary Food fiber every day! This is the best way to increase the bodies' ability for Absorption into the blood of the essential elements that the human body requires to sustain life. (SuperFood Greens/Fruits & ProBio Boost) (Probiotic Greens and Reds)
  • Nutrition- The essential elements for the human cell are; Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, and water. A primary nutrition base of raw whole foods provides a complex combination of these elements that the body needs.(FrequenSea) A secondary nutrition can fill in any missing links and with a customized supplementation program the balanced health of the human cell will be maximized !(Forevergreen "Food First" whole health foods)
  • Exercise- The fitness programs that you now engage in are essential to round out the health of the human cell. Increased toxin release and improved cardiovascular health are self-evident. Consistent training results in extreme benefits associated with physical, psychological, and social well being. The improved immune system will also provide resistance to disease. (Forevergreen essential oils & Earthtribe Pharmacy)
  • Spirit - Consistent forward and positive thinking combined with a joyous outlook on life! Laughter can heal all ills.


   Daily Food Combination requirements

There are many factors for each of us, but the most common percentage of sustenance for optimum body performance is…

55% Complex carbohydrates - 25% Proteins - 20% Fats

Unprocessed, Chemical Free, Direct from Nature!

The Six Elements of Chi Fitness

  1.Controlled Meal Servings 2.Correct Meal Intervals
  3.Correct Nutrient Ratios  4.Cardio Exercise Intensity
  5.Cardio Exercise Duration  6.Weight Bearing Exercise

WATER   Kangen H20 Drink plenty of water each day to help flush toxins from your system.
METAL   Chi-Probiotic Probiotics cleanse the colon & intestines on a daily basis.  A healthy digestive tract is the 1st step to superior absorption.
WOOD   ChiOmega Antioxidants cleanse the liver each day.  The liver is the mail filter in your body, so removal of all major toxins increases the production of antioxidants and glutathione dramatically.
FIRE   Frequensea/
Marine phytoplankton has 400 times the energy of any other food in the world, and is so small that it is absorbed directly into your system.
EARTH   Food First whole foods Whole natural foods free of chemicals will be a foundation of your superior health and nutrition

    Products That Will Increase Your Overall Health & Fitness Profile


The Best Whole Foods Today & Essential Oils. Convenient, delicious, affordable whole healthy natural foods. Without processing, additives, chemicals, and overheating the long term health benefits are priceless! NEW - FrequenSea Ionic Whole food tonic! The most nutritional sourse of micro nutrients and ocean based foods ever used by man! 

Alkaline Water:

The Basis of all life is WATER...change your water ... change your life! With alkaline 9.5 PH and -500 ORP the Kangen water can hydrate the body like no other. The hydrogen ion is positively charged...(+H). (then by a water ionizer).... changes the hydrogen ion into a negative charge (-H). The liver loves negative hydrogen ions. This now becomes super antioxidant rich water and the kidney and liver function will improve dramatically. Water is the functioning delivery system in the human cell - Greatly Improved Function: Bad Toxins Out & Healthy Nutrition Absorbed!


Chi Probiotics:

The best tasting greens formula guaranteed! Probiotics and enzymes are so critical in keeping the digestive system working at its peak potential.

What the average consumer may not realize is that the human body requires 70+ minerals and trace minerals, which are nearly unattainable in the mineral deficient soil that our fruits and vegetables are now grown.   Each Chi Probiotic serving is equal to 10 servings of Fruits & Vegetables and has the added super antioxidants Noni, Goji, Mangosteen, and Green Tea Extract.

The first step to great health is maintaining the body’s food processing system, and then providing a super-charged fuel that will be maximally absorbed.